What do I need to do to start the game from the beginning?

If you'd like to start the game from the very beginning, you need to perform the following actions:

1.  Submit a request to our support team with the subject "Account reset".You need to provide a link to your Facebook or Kongregate profile (tell us your Game Center name/guest id) and give your consent to the account reset conditions.

2. Then you need to leave a comment that you'd like us to have your account resetted in this thread (Kongregate players).

Or send a private message to the game Administration: ("Facebook", "iOS"):

Account reset conditions:
Account reset leads to the full and irrevocable removal of all your achievements and game possessions. We won't be able to restore your data after the procedure.

"Real" money spent on purchasing virtual currency and in-game items will not be refunded.

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