How can I transfer my Armor Games profile to another platform?

We regret to inform you that King's Bounty: Legions will no longer be represented on Armor Games since August 28, 2013.

That being said we'd like to offer to our loyal players an option to transfer their progress and all possessions to any other platform (where the game is represented) that would be convenient for you.

In order to do that, you need to submit a request to our support team with the subject "Armor Games progress transfer" (this will speed up the process of considering your request).

The description should contain either a link to your Armor Games profile or the name of your Armor Games account and the link to the profile or the name of the account you'd like your progress and possessions to be transferred to.

The following platforms are supported:

- Facebook

- Odnoklassniki


- Moi Mir

- social gaming network "Game Center"

- Kongregate game portal

Android guest (no account reset is required, game data will be replaced).

 The transfer can be performed only to the profiles which haven't been used for the game. If you've already got a profile, you need to have your game data erased. You'll find some guidelines regarding this procedure here. The progress will be transfered only after the existing progress is erased.

Note: we'll transfer all data, except for your medals of valour and quest progress.

You'll have a chance to complete all the quests and gather all the medals again.

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